Sep 09 2009

Infinitest: an autotest for Eclipse

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In my experimental trips in Ruby world, other than the elegance of the language, the Bdd as default and the lot of new exciting things created by the community, a thing I liked a lot was autotest , a little gem that launches our testsuite when we change a source file.
It could seem a silly utility, but I can assure it’s a really time saver and can take us in a high productive mental flow: I really missed it in Java world.

Of course, I’ve heard about Junit Max, the Kent Beck’s attempt to create a product, but my laziness delayed me to try it, until Kent got bored and dismiss the project :-( .

Today while reading distractedly the Twitterverse, I bumped into Infinitest, that seems exactly what I was looking for.
Infinitest isn’t open source, but for personal use it should be possible get a free of charge individual license.

The installation is straightforward as usual, just add to Eclipse’s software updates, and we are ready to start!

Infinitest stay in the right bottom of Eclipse, waiting far some changes:

waiting for changes

When we save some file Infinitest starts and show the results of all test it founds in the project:

red test

A nice feature is the yellow bar when there is some error in the workspace and tests can’t run:

yellow bar

That’s all!
I have to try it more, but it seems very promising and useful.

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