Nov 12 2009

Using Google Wave as learning tool

Category: rubygiordano scalzo @ 2:53 pm

Google Wave is live since early October, but still it seems “empty”: it lacks functionalities, users and goals.

After Wave was launched, first Twitter-sphere was full of “I need a Wave account!!! then of “I’m on Wave, what can I do?”.
Maybe Google Wave is so new that is difficult to understand, or maybe is a big flop: only time will give us an answer.

Anyway, something is moving.
Satish Talim, of Rubylearning fame, just started an experimental course to JRuby using Google Wave.

Currently only two chapters have been published, and the course seems not much different from an email or web based course; neverthless I think it’s an interesting experiment and I’m sure it will be more interactive when the arguments will be less introductory.

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  • Charles Feduke

    I used it in beta (actually until I read this I thought it still *was* in beta). A great concept if you can get every one of your friends using it. I tried doing some development with it and because of the inconsistent bugs at the time it was overall very aggravating – but that’s the point of a beta after all.

  • giordano scalzo

    As usual Google Product are often in perpetual beta ;-) . Actually Wave is in test field until the end of the year.

    I thought to start some develompment, but I still don’t understand what to do…

  • Satish Talim

    The course would be more interesting if participants make use of the various Google Wave facilities and interact more.

  • giordano scalzo

    Of course. I think most people still don’t know how to use Google Wave: the medium is really new and they tend to use it as something they already know, as email or webpage. Anyway, kudos to you for initiating this pioneering experiment ;-)

    As a little thing to add, I really like your RPCFN series: the challenge and following comments by gurus are the better way to learn something in deep way, I’d like to find the same pattern attending an online course. Just my two cents.