Apr 02 2010

“Agile iPhone Development” at Xpug Milano

Category: me,objective-c,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 9:29 am

Spring is almost arriving and it’s time for another Xpug Milano meeting in coding dojo format.

This month we practiced with ObjectiveC; I gave an introductory presentation about the language, the ide and the framework, then we faced up to a nice Kata I proposed, inspired by some work of Brett Schuchert: the KataRpnCalculator.

I admit I’m amazingly surprised by how quick the Xpuggers learned the basic of the language and how good is the code they produced: awesome!
It’s the proof that it’s always a people problem not a technologic problem, and people with the right attitude can produce very good code, even though they don’t know very well the language.