Feb 21 2012

Move Along, Nothing To See Here

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Ok, blog is too 2005 and I’m to busy to follow a so vintage wave.
Anyway, I still think write and share carry a lot of value, so I’ll write something on http://giordanoscalzo.tumblr.com.

See You on the Other Side

May 09 2011

UiWebView with transparent background

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Just a little tip to improve an iPhone UX.
If you need to set a transparent background to a UIWebView, setting a clearColor as backgroundColor isn’t enough: you should set it as non opaque too:

    self.myWebView.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];
    [self.myWebView setOpaque:NO];

Very easy when you know it!

Jan 01 2011

Learn a bit of Ruby every day: Enumeration.reduce

Category: me,rubygiordano scalzo @ 11:30 pm

Ilya Grigorik is an awesome programmer who recently launched the geek equivalent of Farmville: VimGolf, the idea that every geek had, but nobody created.

From today he starts to tweet a piece of Ruby every day, mainly 1.9.2.

The first tweet is about Enumeration.reduce, an alternative, and more speaking, name for Enumeration.inject:
ruby-1.9.2-p136 > (1..3).reduce(:+)
=> 6

The strange argument is the symbol for plus, the operation to do to each element.
A more verbose, and less magic, version is:
ruby-1.9.2-p136 > (1..3).reduce {|sum, e| sum+e}
=> 6

May 10 2010

“Better Software Developers” slides from Better Software 2010

Category: agile,me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 3:15 pm

Here are the slides from my presentation I gave at Better Software 2010: a humble attempt to spread the Software Craftsmanship philosophy among developers and managers.

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Apr 02 2010

“Agile iPhone Development” at Xpug Milano

Category: me,objective-c,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 9:29 am

Spring is almost arriving and it’s time for another Xpug Milano meeting in coding dojo format.

This month we practiced with ObjectiveC; I gave an introductory presentation about the language, the ide and the framework, then we faced up to a nice Kata I proposed, inspired by some work of Brett Schuchert: the KataRpnCalculator.

I admit I’m amazingly surprised by how quick the Xpuggers learned the basic of the language and how good is the code they produced: awesome!
It’s the proof that it’s always a people problem not a technologic problem, and people with the right attitude can produce very good code, even though they don’t know very well the language.

Mar 17 2010

AgileCamp 2010: richness of difference

Category: agile,bdd,me,objective-c,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 2:59 pm

Some weeks ago, I has been lucky enough to attend to AgileCamp 2010, an awesome Barcamp organized by Sketchin, a Swiss UX and Web agency.
With my good fellows XpUg-gers Gabriele, Andrea and Indrit, we reached a lot of old and new friends, all of them caring about quality and “Things Got Right”.
I came back really enriched, mainly because I met people with experiences and point of view different than mine.

It has been my first Barcamp, so I though it was necessary to present something, and I decided to assemble a little introduction to Tdd coding for Iphone.

Here there is the video of my presentation:

AgileCamp – iPhone agile DEV (di Giordano Scalzo) from Sketchin on Vimeo.

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Mar 01 2010

I’ll speak at “Better Software” 2010

Category: me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 2:38 pm

Better Software 2010
Better Software is a quite new IT Conference, mainly addressed to non technologic parts of making software.
This year I’ll give a speech about passion, enthusiam and pride to be a developer, and the how that can be used by the companies to make a lot of money ;-) . See you there!

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Dec 23 2009

What I learned doing a Katacast

Category: me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 10:32 am

As said before, last week at Milan Xpug meeting, we organized a kata evening, with the same challenge done with different language.
During the practice to reach a quite well solution, I publicized my attempts through Twiiter gaining attention from Corey Haines hinself who asked me if I was interested to appear on katakasts.com as a guest: wow, I felt like a teenage U2 fan who, while playing in garage, receive a call from The Edge asked him if interest to play some concerts with them!

Anyway, I tried to record a good enough kata, that means without compilation error, in resonable time and typed in smooth way.
That could sound as a straightforward thing to do (I thought it that way), but I invite everyone tho give it a try: I did almost 10 complete recording, not counting all false starts or big mistakes near the end of kata.
I noticed how often I did errors in first steps, I think while I’m not into the “flow”, or at the end, when I start to relax.

Anyway, the only way to perform a Kata in a acceptable time for katakasts.com (less than 15 minutes) is to master the editor of choice.
I use vim for kata, but I’m far to be ‘fluent’ on it! Anyway, to save precious time, I learned a few usefu thricks.

First of all, we need to forget to navigate the text throught 'hjkl' or arrows keys, and use the line numbers features of vim.
With this command:

:set number

every line will appear with its number.
Almost every command of vim should be applied to a range of rows.
For example with this:

:20,30 co 35

we copy the block from line 20 to line 30 to line 35.
Or with this:


we change word java with scala in previous code.
A little variant is

:20,30 co .

that copies the block at the current cursor position.

Anyway, you can enjoy these and other basic vim tricks in my Katacast:

KataCast: StringCalculator in Scala from giordano scalzo on Vimeo.

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Dec 04 2009

An evening at Xpug: Bdd presentation

Category: agile,bdd,me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 10:24 pm

Last evening, I gave a speech about Bdd, at the wonderful Milan XPUg.
The meeting has been very pleasant: I believe the members are among the most brilliant mind I know.

I could admit I didn’t know very well Bdd, but following the good old advice “teach to learn“, I got a triple win:
I taught something new to Xpug guys, I learned a lot of new things and I improved my presentation skill.

Moreover, after a couple of hours after I put online my slides, the Slideshare team promoted my presentation in home page as features presentation: what a great result for a weekend presentation hack!

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Nov 18 2009

Italian Agile Day is coming

Category: agile,megiordano scalzo @ 4:23 pm

It’s near the end of November, it’s Italian Agile Day time.
As each year, it’s the time to gather all Italian Agile Practitioners, or wannabe-Agile, for a community day.
The site is the nice Hotel Savoia Regency in Bologna.
As usual, the timetable is very interesting, and I still haven’t decided what conferences attend: I’ll float around and I’ll make gut decisions.

See you, there!

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