Nov 10 2009

My brand new Business Cards

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Business Cards
Last week I realized I needed some personal business cards; so I decided to design something different to be printed by Moo.
And yesterday they arrived.

They are very simple: in front, my name, blog and email addresses, the ideogram for “kaizen” (continuous improvement), and a Turkish proverb I like very much “No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back”; in back a Google-like page with others web places I live.
They lack my telephone number, in part because I own only work telephone and those business cards are about the “other” me, and in part because I feel telephone so ’90s ;-)
What do you think? Do you like the layout?

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Nov 04 2009

mobile bloging

Category: megiordano scalzo @ 12:26 am

At the end I upgraded my Ipod touch so I can use WordPress for Iphone. It’s quite usable, but of course with a real keyboar the experience is really more powerful.

Oct 23 2009

Caps Lock day

Category: megiordano scalzo @ 10:20 am

A friend of mine pointed out this site celebrating the Caps Lock Day.

It happens I really don’t like Caps lock: often pressing tab I enable the caps lock, screwing up my writings, passwords, etc.

In good old days when I was a full time programmer on Unix, I used to remove that key; in the name of those glorious days this is my keyboard today:


If you prefere something less radical, CapsLockBeGone that produces the same effect.

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Sep 01 2009

About me 2.0

Category: megiordano scalzo @ 8:53 am

I these frenetic 2.0 times, we need a way to distinguish from the masses.
Someone say the blog is the new resume, and this is one of the reason I started to blog more frequently.

But to attract more busy people, another approach is to create an appealing presentation and share it on Slideshare.

So, after some days of working, here it is my visual resume.
I think is quite good, but my opinion isn’t very important ;-) .

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Aug 28 2009

Puts ‘Hello, world’

Category: megiordano scalzo @ 12:01 am

This is my first post in my last of a lot of unfinished blogs.

In that last one I’ll write mainly in english (a sort of) and about programming.

My goal is to reach a some form of continuity and to post 2 or 3 articles each week; I’ll check at the end of the year if I succeded or not.

As said before, english isn’t my first language, so, please, forgive and correct my bigger mistakes.

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