May 10 2010

“Better Software Developers” slides from Better Software 2010

Category: agile,me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 3:15 pm

Here are the slides from my presentation I gave at Better Software 2010: a humble attempt to spread the Software Craftsmanship philosophy among developers and managers.

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Apr 02 2010

“Agile iPhone Development” at Xpug Milano

Category: me,objective-c,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 9:29 am

Spring is almost arriving and it’s time for another Xpug Milano meeting in coding dojo format.

This month we practiced with ObjectiveC; I gave an introductory presentation about the language, the ide and the framework, then we faced up to a nice Kata I proposed, inspired by some work of Brett Schuchert: the KataRpnCalculator.

I admit I’m amazingly surprised by how quick the Xpuggers learned the basic of the language and how good is the code they produced: awesome!
It’s the proof that it’s always a people problem not a technologic problem, and people with the right attitude can produce very good code, even though they don’t know very well the language.

Mar 17 2010

AgileCamp 2010: richness of difference

Category: agile,bdd,me,objective-c,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 2:59 pm

Some weeks ago, I has been lucky enough to attend to AgileCamp 2010, an awesome Barcamp organized by Sketchin, a Swiss UX and Web agency.
With my good fellows XpUg-gers Gabriele, Andrea and Indrit, we reached a lot of old and new friends, all of them caring about quality and “Things Got Right”.
I came back really enriched, mainly because I met people with experiences and point of view different than mine.

It has been my first Barcamp, so I though it was necessary to present something, and I decided to assemble a little introduction to Tdd coding for Iphone.

Here there is the video of my presentation:

AgileCamp – iPhone agile DEV (di Giordano Scalzo) from Sketchin on Vimeo.

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Mar 01 2010

I’ll speak at “Better Software” 2010

Category: me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 2:38 pm

Better Software 2010
Better Software is a quite new IT Conference, mainly addressed to non technologic parts of making software.
This year I’ll give a speech about passion, enthusiam and pride to be a developer, and the how that can be used by the companies to make a lot of money ;-) . See you there!

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Feb 06 2010

Milano XpUg January Coding Dojo

Category: java,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 3:04 pm

Lately, I’m more and more involved in Milan XpUg meetings; last week I had the pleasure to attend my first Coding Dojo.
A Coding Dojo is a meeting where some people practice Tdd and try to learn new things, without schedule and deadline pressure.
As introduction I prepared a little presentation, mainly with the aim to clarify the “Ocp Way” to do katas, as conceived by Matteo Vaccari in his blog:

We had a lot of fun, and we are committed to arrange another Dojo, at the end of February.
If someone is interested to practice more, here you can find the text of the kata we practiced and here the code we produced.

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Dec 23 2009

What I learned doing a Katacast

Category: me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 10:32 am

As said before, last week at Milan Xpug meeting, we organized a kata evening, with the same challenge done with different language.
During the practice to reach a quite well solution, I publicized my attempts through Twiiter gaining attention from Corey Haines hinself who asked me if I was interested to appear on as a guest: wow, I felt like a teenage U2 fan who, while playing in garage, receive a call from The Edge asked him if interest to play some concerts with them!

Anyway, I tried to record a good enough kata, that means without compilation error, in resonable time and typed in smooth way.
That could sound as a straightforward thing to do (I thought it that way), but I invite everyone tho give it a try: I did almost 10 complete recording, not counting all false starts or big mistakes near the end of kata.
I noticed how often I did errors in first steps, I think while I’m not into the “flow”, or at the end, when I start to relax.

Anyway, the only way to perform a Kata in a acceptable time for (less than 15 minutes) is to master the editor of choice.
I use vim for kata, but I’m far to be ‘fluent’ on it! Anyway, to save precious time, I learned a few usefu thricks.

First of all, we need to forget to navigate the text throught 'hjkl' or arrows keys, and use the line numbers features of vim.
With this command:

:set number

every line will appear with its number.
Almost every command of vim should be applied to a range of rows.
For example with this:

:20,30 co 35

we copy the block from line 20 to line 30 to line 35.
Or with this:


we change word java with scala in previous code.
A little variant is

:20,30 co .

that copies the block at the current cursor position.

Anyway, you can enjoy these and other basic vim tricks in my Katacast:

KataCast: StringCalculator in Scala from giordano scalzo on Vimeo.

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Dec 04 2009

An evening at Xpug: Bdd presentation

Category: agile,bdd,me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 10:24 pm

Last evening, I gave a speech about Bdd, at the wonderful Milan XPUg.
The meeting has been very pleasant: I believe the members are among the most brilliant mind I know.

I could admit I didn’t know very well Bdd, but following the good old advice “teach to learn“, I got a triple win:
I taught something new to Xpug guys, I learned a lot of new things and I improved my presentation skill.

Moreover, after a couple of hours after I put online my slides, the Slideshare team promoted my presentation in home page as features presentation: what a great result for a weekend presentation hack!

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Nov 30 2009


Category: presentationgiordano scalzo @ 10:27 am

I believe Ted is a place full of wonderful and inspiring things.
Take a look to this:

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Sep 07 2009

Scrum in an Hour

Category: agile,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 10:50 pm

Some time ago, I attended a Scrum Master Course (I’m embarrassed to call it Certification…) held by the Agile pioneer and team dynamics expert Joseph Pelrine.

It was an exciting and enriching experience, although little sigular because we were only two student: Pierlugi Pugliese and me!

Anyway, back to work my boss asked me to prepare a little presentation on Scrum to the upper and middle management; so I looked around and took several sources to write a simple, but appealing presentation.

The presentation was a success so that I performed it three more time to the whole Engineering department!

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