Oct 30 2009

Reviewing “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know”

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97 things every project manager should know
O’Reilly continues its serie “97 things” with this “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know“.
I’d like to define this kind of books as post-modern book: their contents are released under Creative Commons, every piece last just two pages and they are written by a large group of authors; they are a sort of blog on paper.

I started to read with great expectatives: most of authors are well known in Project Management world, and the format is very attractive.
Neverthless I found it too high level and, in some part, too superficial for my taste: I cought myself thinking “… and so?” too often.

In conclusion, I suggest this books only for novice project managers, otherwise a book as “Manage It!” by Johanna Rothman is more suitable.

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Oct 01 2009

Reviewing “Manage Your Project Portfolio”

Category: agile,book,reviewgiordano scalzo @ 2:28 pm

I was lucky enough to receive the last book of Johanna Rothman, to review for programmazione.it.

Manage Your Project Portfolio” is the last of an virtual trilogy devoted to improve the art of Project Management and to implante the seeds for a Pragmatic Project Management craft; it could be considered as a long appendix to Manage It, as long it expands one of its final chapter.

This book is a must read for everyone involved in IT world, from junior developer ’till C-level executive.
As usual, Johanna Rothman uses a very simple language and she provides a lot of exahustive examples so that everyone can understand the goals and the principles behind a project portfolio management.

If I had to choose only one chapter, maybe I’ll choose the sixth, about collaboration, obstacles and human behaviour during projects evolution, beacuse, usually, people are the problem and the solution.

With this book, Pragmatic Bookshelf confirms itself as one of the best publisher about computer things, and I’m looking forward to reading something in theirs Pragmatic Life Serie.