Jul 09 2010

Simplified Ad Hoc Distribution in Xcode 3.2

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Currently, Ad Hoc distribution is the only way to share an application to try itin to several devices or users (to maximum of 100 devices).
Despite the Apple’s reputation to create simple and effective things, the Ad Hoc Distribution is one of awkward and cumbersome process I’ve ever seen: I admit every time I need to change a certificate to add or remove certain devices or I’ve to check another application, I hold my breath and start cold sweat until the end of process… but, in Xcode 3.2 they simplified it a little bit.

In Build menu you can find a new entry, Build and Archive, that creates your application and archive it, allowing to share and signing it in a more confortable way:

All archived applications are in a new window of the Organizer:

When you “share” an application an ipa file is created and you can share it with your betatesters:

Just a little thing, but it’s useful to manage all versions.

More information can be found in this interesting post by Jeff LaMarche: if are serious about iPhone development you must subscribe his blog (and buy his book too ;-) )

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