Feb 06 2010

Milano XpUg January Coding Dojo

Category: java,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 3:04 pm

Lately, I’m more and more involved in Milan XpUg meetings; last week I had the pleasure to attend my first Coding Dojo.
A Coding Dojo is a meeting where some people practice Tdd and try to learn new things, without schedule and deadline pressure.
As introduction I prepared a little presentation, mainly with the aim to clarify the “Ocp Way” to do katas, as conceived by Matteo Vaccari in his blog:

We had a lot of fun, and we are committed to arrange another Dojo, at the end of February.
If someone is interested to practice more, here you can find the text of the kata we practiced and here the code we produced.

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Dec 17 2009

StringCalculator Kata at Xpug

Category: agile,bddgiordano scalzo @ 2:18 pm

Last evening the wonderful Xpug Milano hosted a Kata Meeting: three people, three language, one problem, one pomodoro each!

After the launch of http://katacasts.com/, this kind of practice has begun to spread around the world.

As far as I know, that was one of the firsts meeting held in Italy and it has been exciting (and a little scaring) to be one of the performer.

The simple problem to solve was the StringCalculator kata, proposed by Roy Osherove as simple exercise to repeat to assimilate Tdd.

Luca Marrocco performed the kata in Ruby, Raffaele Salmaso a Python version, the benevolent dictator of Xpug Milano a backup kata in Erlang, and yours truly a Scala version.

Below the live recording of my session, with errors, mistakes and pauses made during the execution:

StringCalculator in Scala Kata live at Xpug Milano from giordano scalzo on Vimeo.

Any kind of suggestion about the solution, the process, the way I performed are absolutely welcome.

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Dec 04 2009

An evening at Xpug: Bdd presentation

Category: agile,bdd,me,presentationgiordano scalzo @ 10:24 pm

Last evening, I gave a speech about Bdd, at the wonderful Milan XPUg.
The meeting has been very pleasant: I believe the members are among the most brilliant mind I know.

I could admit I didn’t know very well Bdd, but following the good old advice “teach to learn“, I got a triple win:
I taught something new to Xpug guys, I learned a lot of new things and I improved my presentation skill.

Moreover, after a couple of hours after I put online my slides, the Slideshare team promoted my presentation in home page as features presentation: what a great result for a weekend presentation hack!

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